I've been a Staff Developer at Shopify, I created the Tabletop Library app used at PAX and the Verge Taglines app for the Tidbyt. This is my blog on Software and other stuff.

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Obligatory Blog Post About the Blog

May 7, 2024

In which I talk about building this blog, how it's changed in the last few weeks, and a little bit about what I hope to build into it in the coming year. Got any ideas? Share 'em with me!

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May 17, 2024

Friend of the site, Epidiah Ravachol, released a new daily word game a few weeks back. Titled "Wastrle", you get to guess the number of daily word games Epidiah himself has played in the last day or so. The trick? You have to use contextual clues to guess the number in English, Binary, and Balanced Ternary. He includes explainers in case you don't know what some of those are. I've been playing almost daily and it's quite a bit of fun!

May 8, 2024

It is always in questionable taste whether naming your product, project, or idea after an established sci-fi concept is a positive thing or not. I will say, as a 20+ year fan of the Stargate franchise, that it's never really worked out well in the fiction to be associated as being the builders of the Stargates.

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