I've been a Staff Developer at Shopify, I created the Tabletop Library app used at PAX and the Verge Taglines app for the Tidbyt. This is my blog on Software and other stuff.

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June 19, 2024

Happy Juneteenth! Since today is a day off for most of you in the states, here's some perfectly useless but lovely insight for you. The folks at Time Extension dug into some research to track down who (possibly, not definitively) the designer was of the famous "bacon strips" logo which Konami used as their primary logo. If you're a fan of old arcade games or even hits like Metal Gear Solid, you'll recognize the logo.

June 11, 2024

One thing I have only recently discovered is a delightful mode of play inside some Call of Duty games called "Prop Hunt". Why is it so delightful? One team plays as "hunters" with weapons (as usual) and the other team plays as... inanimate props from the level they're playing in. Props, as they're called, can move, jump, deploy decoys of themselves, and change to new (randomized) props all while being hunted. Hunters have to keep a keen eye out for things seemingly out of place and take out the props before time runs out. It's one of those games that feels wholesome and utterly my style.

If you'd like to see what this looks like, then there are a few YouTubers/streamers like OldTime101 who play and post examples regularly.

Prop Hunt

Call of Duty Fandom Wiki

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