An independent, worker-owned gaming news site with a ton of excellent talent you may recognize if you've followed gaming news in the last decade or more.

Dig 1000 Holes

The site of esteemed game designer and friend of the site, Epidiah Ravachol. Writer of Dread, Vast & Starlit, Wolfspell, and several other notable games.

The Verge

One of the best tech news sites on the web today and a reliable source for great journalism and nuanced opinions on software and how it intersects with us as humans.

Also the source of two of my favorite podcats, The Vergecast and Decoder.


Casey Newtown and Zoë Schiffer report on social media and tech 3 times a week via their site and newsletter. One of the best newsletters I get and includes both great writing as well as links to other new sources.

Casey also co-hosts Hard Fork every week.

Julia Evans

Writer of Wizard Zines and many, many blog posts, Julia is a person on the internet showing what it looks like to be regularly learning new things and sharing those learnings with others.