In which I talk about building this blog, how it's changed in the last few weeks, and a little bit about what I hope to build into it in the coming year. Got any ideas? Share 'em with me!

Reviewing code is a key part of software development, but it often sucks up more energy and time than it needs because of miscommunication or a misunderstanding of priorities. Rather than being a stressful negotiation, code reviews should be the chillest, clearest point of communication in the whole process of shipping software.

Mentoring is a difficult thing to be good at, but it starts by focusing on the person you're helping and caring about how they work and learn. If you don't start with giving a shit then you may end up looking like it.

December 9, 2022

Receiving feedback can sometimes be unsettling, disturbing, or downright annoying depending on how it's conveyed. Feedback should be made more recoilless so the same points can get across but without any of those crappy feelings.